Git: Worktree & .git folder in different locations

samedi 9 septembre 2023 • GF

Store your files in a cloud-synced folder, and the .git folder in a safe location.

Worktree & dotgit folder in different locations

You don’t want to put a git repository in a Dropbox/iCloud/GoogleDrive/OneDrive/(WhatEverDrive) synced folder. Git has locked filed, they can’t de synchronized properly and this seriously messes up the repository. Data gets corrupted and, in the end, lost.

But I need it. I want my notes on iCloud or Dropbox, because I use Obsidian Mobile. At the same time, I want my vault to be on a private GitHub repo.

Here’s the solution.

First, leave your vault in its synced folder, e.g. ~/Dropbox/obsidian/myvault.

Then, setup a git repository in a safe location outside of the scope of the sync services, e.g. ~/git/obsidian.

Edit the git configuration file at ~/git/obsidian/.git/config adding a single line with the worktree keyword and the path to the vault :

  worktree = $HOME/Dropbox/obsidian/myvault

Et voilà !